Computer and Mobile Repairs

With mobile technology playing a significant role in everyday life, it is highly recommended to ensure your equipment is protected. Breakdown, damage, theft and loss can have a huge impact on how we work, communicate and entertain ourselves, and there is no need to let such unfortunate events impact us in the way they can.


For many years Datapact have served our valued customers with break fix maintenance and engineer resource. this focused more in enterprise infrastructure such as servers, storage, routers, switches and firewalls. we would regularly be asked to quote desktop, laptop and smartphone warranty and even on some occasions insurance for accidental damage. we were searching for a reliable services provider who could cater to all of these requests and were not able to find one, until we found MendIT.


MendIT have been providing support to UK consumers and businesses for over 10 years. During this time, MendIT have evolved and adapted to the needs of customers to ensure they continue to offer a range of products and services that provide high quality support without breaking the bank. From low cost extended warranties and comprehensive insurance to one-off repairs, MendIT have support products and services to suit every requirement and budget.


MendIT Solution Areas 


MendIT’s extended warranties are designed to provide a low cost alternative to the manufacturers, without scrimping on the level of service. The two options are Collect and Return and On-Site Maintenance.



MendIT insurance policies are designed to protect your IT devices against those everyday mishaps. With both Accidental Damage and Accidental Damage + Theft, MendIT have an option to suit you.


Maintenance Plus

MendIT’s hybrid of extended hardware cover and low-cost chargeable repairs, offering great protection for a fraction of the cost. Designed to provide an all-in-one solution and a cost-effective alternative to insurance.