Extended System Life

An alternative solution to the purchase of new hardware can be to implement a Extended System Life (ESL) solution. This sensible approach is being seriously considered by many companies.

We specialise in supporting and extending the life of your existing hardware, with expertise in a wide range of vendors, including Cisco, Dell, HPE, Fujitsu and IBM.

We have helped numerous businesses and public sector organisations across a number of sectors keep and continue to use their existing server, storage and networking hardware. Should this infrastructure require upgrades, such as additional memory, shelves of storage, or CPU’s, we can take care of the full process, from sourcing to installation and support.

By opting to extend the life of your equipment, you are selecting a viable, feasible and practical alternative to capital expenditure with the purchase of new hardware. Extending the life of your hardware with Datapact (London) Ltd allows you to maximise your return on investment, whilst reducing your operational expenditure with lower support costs.

In addition, by delaying the purchase of new hardware, your organisation is granted the luxury of being able to plan further in advance the next stages of your I.T. strategy, which allows you to carefully consider, if, when, and which areas, to focus your spending on in the future.