UK Trailing in GDPR race

Looking at the recent survey by NTT security, 1 in 5 decision makers within the UK are unsure which compliance regulation their company needs to comply with. It is hard to imagine that even with all the media coverage, cyberattack news and constant calls and emails regarding GDPR people are still unaware.

Data management and storage are the key aspects regarding the new regulations, companies are now expected to know where their data is located, Is it sensitive data, who has access to and the time period the data needs to be kept. Horrifyingly according to the survey only 41% of the UK DM’s believe that their organisations data is secure, and 55% assert that all their companies data is secure.

What is clearly demonstrated from this survey is that many UK decision makers are currently less informed then other organisations in Europe, or many decision makers believe that the new GDPR regulations are not applicable to them as we are going through the process of Brexit. However, Brexit is not going to exclude UK organisations from being GDPR compliant, I would encourage everyone to begin the process of GDPR compliance especially if you currently hold European citizens data. The cost to be compliant is not a scratch on the fines if you are not, with fines said to be 20 million euros or 4% of annual turnover, whichever is greater!

Can your business afford to be non-compliant?

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