The huge U.K gadget and video game retailer CeX has been hacked!

CeX, which has over 300 UK stores and operates the marketplace, has said to have had around 2 million customers private details stolen!

The details that where stolen include, names, addresses, email addresses, contact numbers and even credit card information.

CeX is now working alongside the police after the breach, and it is said that an “unauthorised third party” hacked and accessed the online data, but none of the in-store data was affected. All customers that have been a victim to the breach, have been contacted and given advice what to do next. The Gadget giant has advised its customers to change their passwords, especially if it is your password for other websites and accounts.

CeX admitted that some customer credit card details have been compromised, however CeX stopped storing credit card information in 2009, and those details are likely to already be expired.

“I do not understand the reason for holding credit card details beyond the required holding time, if this happened after the new GDPR compliance regulation kicked in, should Cex be responsible for the hacking?” said Olly Loosemore from Datapact.

If you are a business owner, just thing how damaging this is to their reputation?

If you would like to find out how to prevent this happening to your business, please send me a message. 

It has never been more vital to keep up with protecting yourself and customers.