Ransomware Protection

What is ransomware?

Ransomware effectively holds your PC to ransom, making day to day tasks either impossible or very hard. Ransomware can act in different ways, to affect your PC in various alternative fashions, but they will always require action to be taken before a PC can be operated. They can be aimed at any PC users, from a PC at home, or larger servers used by multi-national organisations.

In short, they can –

  • Prevent you from accessing Windows.

  • Encrypt files so you can’t use them.

  • Stop certain programmes and applications from working.

How can Ransomware be prevented?


Delivering multi-layered protection through Malwarebytes can protect your business in ways that other vendors struggle. This is achieved through fighting any potential damage earlier, in a stronger fashion and for a longer period of time.

Malwarebytes have a proven performance track record, which will ensure you are confident in the knowledge that your network will remain safe and secure. In 2014 alone, Malwarebytes removed over 5 billion separate varieties of harmful viruses, confirming the outstanding quality of protection. Still unsure of the value that Malwarebytes will deliver to your company? Sign up for a 30-day free trial.

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Trend Micro

Trend MicroWith over twenty years’ industry leading experience, plus numerous award winning security innovations in and around cloud technology, Trend Micro has the pedigree and quality to keep your business safe in a variety of different circumstances.

A major advantage of Trend Micro is that it is fully scalable, meaning when your business grows, you can be safe in the knowledge that your protection will grow in accordance with your requirements. Trend Micro provides a low-maintenance, easy to operate solution to fit a business of any size.

Working in the cloud?

You can potentially be vulnerable to threats that target email, OneDrive and SharePoint, as well as network breaches that Office 365 struggles to detect. Boost your businesses security by employing Trend Micro Cloud App Security, which gives you the opportunity to proactively address these issues by providing additional cloud security, through a single console which is simple and economical to use.