Meet the new generation of HPE Gen10 ProLiant Microservers!

HPE introduces the new Gen10 ProLiant Microserver last week, the Microserver has been brought back to its G7 origins with the new model. HPE didn’t release a G9 version of the Microserver, however the Gen10 Microserver seems more like G9 than brand new and shiny.

New features:

The new MicroServer Gen10 features AMD processors, Opteron X3000 series with 2 core or 4 core as options and turbo clock speeds up to 3.4GHz.  It scales up to 32GB, double the previous Gen8 model.  The motherboard switches from a socketed Intel design to a System on a Chip design from AMD – meaning the processor cannot be field upgraded.  The new motherboard design adds two PCI slots over 1 PCI slot in the previous Gen8 and G7 models.

For storage, 4 large form factors drive SATA slots are retained in the Gen10 model and the same limit of 4 x 4TB SATA drives in the drive slot.  With SSD advancements, the new model adds the ability to replace the DVD drive with an SSD in a 5th slot near the top of the cube, but complicating things for OS installations with the absence of virtual media through iLO.

For video, the new model includes two display ports, possibly signalling the intended use case for the system around video applications – perhaps video walls and other things.  Upgraded GPU capabilities also accompany the new model, but both of these trade-offs mean that MicroServer is less of a general-use server and more specifically for uses where graphics are needed – so not home-lab users or general ROBO virtualization.

Is there a problem?

HPE are billing the new Gen10 ProLiant servers as the best in the business for security, however this doesn’t include the Gen10 MicroServers as it doesn’t include iLO. The ‘Silicon root of trust’ utilises the iLO 5 silicon to establish that NIST compliant security, so even the inclusion of an iLO4 would not have helped its capabilities.

Why have HPE not included the much awaited iLO in the new Microserver? The iLO inconsistency is not a first for HPE, some of the lower end Gen8 models included iLO3 technologies instead of the up to date iLO4 that was shipped in with Gen8. Also some Gen9 models are missing an iLO all together and the reason for this clearly is to bring costs down but at what expense.

If you would like to find out more information on the new HPE Gen10 MicroServer CLICK HERE, or please send us a message and one of our team will be in contact shortly.