LapSafe Laptop Trolleys

The ClassBuddy

The ClassBuddy offers an unrivalled and cost effective solution to store, charge and even update or synchronise your devices. Its unique power management incorporates soft-start, surge and residual voltage protection as STANDARD. Safe simultaneous charging of all stored devices and easy access is guaranteed via the neat AC adaptor cable management.

Laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and netbooks are all charged using their own AC adaptors or USB cables which are kept neat and tidy with a simple and effective cable management system.

The ClassBuddy’s ultra-safe power management provides safe simultaneous charging of all devices with quick and easy access. The power management system incorporates three key areas of protection, soft-start, surge, and residual voltage, these provide the highest level of protection for the user, your equipment and electrical circuits.

Each trolley is naturally ventilated, allowing air to flow through ventilation holes in the base and shelves and out through the top rear apertures. If using the data transfer option a temperature controlled fan is added to ensure optimum charging temperature.

Recessed handles give the ClassBuddy™ a smooth exterior whilst manoeuvrability is achieved with high quality castors which give 360° movement. Two of the castors are braked for stability and lock the trolley into position.

Security is provided through the cabinet’s part-welded steel construction, piano style hinges and locking mechanisms. There is a rear service door with unique keys for technical staff access only.

The ClassBuddy™ range is available in four different sized trolleys with various optional extras such as wireless access point (RAP), data transfer, timer and docking station.

The range offers ‘Charge Only’ or ‘Charge & Sync’ trolleys.

Charge your devices with the Classbuddy

Charge Only

The ClassBuddy™ ‘Charge Only’ range can store and charge up to 8, 15, 20 or 30 laptops or up to 16 or 30 tablets or netbooks. All devices charge simultaneously in the fastest possible time using their own AC adaptors. Safe power management comes as STANDARD.

Optional extras include data transfer which includes thermostatically controlled fan (laptops/netbook carts only), wireless access point, timer and docking station.

  • Store and charge up to 15, 20, 30 laptops or 16, 30 tablets or similar

  • Ultra-safe power management

  • Simultaneous charging of all devices

  • Uses devices own AC adaptors

  • Neat cable management system

  • Mix and match devices in the same trolley

  • Suitable for all makes and model of device

  • Wide shelves can accommodates large ruggedised cases such as Griffin, Gumdrop and Otterbox

  • Instant retrieval of ‘ready to use’ devices

  • Lifetime warranty

Charge and sync your laptops and tablets

Charge and Sync

The ClassBuddy™ ‘Charge & Sync’ range comes in two different sized trolleys accommodating up to 16 or 30 tablets. All devices are charged at full rate and synchronised using their own USB cables which fit neatly into the cable management system.

iPads can be synchronised to iTunes, Apple Configurator or most third party applications via a host MacBook or laptop. Other tablets can be synchronised by using ‘drag and drop’ or third party applications (check software with your vendor). Safe power management comes as STANDARD.

  • Accommodates up to 16 or 30 tablets

  • Simultaneous charging and synchronisation of all devices

  • Full rate charging

  • External USB and power connectivity for host device

  • ‘Sync and charge’, ‘charge and sync’ or auto cycles

  • Neat cable management

  • Accommodates large ruggedised cases such as Griffin, Gumdrop and Otterbox

  • Instant retrieval of ‘ready to use’ devices

  • Manoeuvrable with small footprint

  • Safe storage and charging

  • Optional extra – docking station, radio access point

  • Lifetime Warranty

Would your school benefit?

If you believe that your school would benefit from the LapSafe ClassBuddy, get in touch, and we can provide you with pricing, the full specification and delivery details.