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What is Sanitisation? Sanitisation is the process of complete and absolute removal of data from media and /or destruction of that media through a process of shredding to predetermined sizes ranging from 20mm down to as low as 2mm.

Why should I have my data sanitised before it leaves my site? The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) have highlighted 6 areas of risk within the end of life decommissioning and destruction phase. 4 of those 6 areas lie within the logistics phase or offsite processing phase. Once data leaves your site or custody the likelihood of data loss increases significantly.

What is best for me? The best solution will depend upon the class or sensitivity of data being held on the media or devices. It will also depend upon whether the devices or media are on lease and need to be kept intact to avoid penalties or if you intend to re-use or re-sell the assets. Our security specialists will be happy to talk through the best solution to fit your specific needs.

 Where would the shredding be carried out? The shredding is carried out in one of our fully self-contained destruction vehicles either at your loading bay or a parking bay besides your building. We do not bring shredding equipment into your building both from a Health & Safety perspective and to minimise business interruption. 

What types of media can you shred? We can shred ALL types of data bearing media including HDD, Data Tapes, Memory, USB Keys, Processors, CD/DVD, Floppy Disks, Printed Circuit Boards and Handheld & Tablet Devices.

We are a Public Sector Organisation, is the service suitable for me? Absolutely. The service is CESG CAS-S certified (Certified Assured Service – Sanitisation) for all media and all classifications up to and including Top Secret therefore is designed to fulfil all requirements of the UK Public Sector and is fully HMG IAS5 V5.1 compliant. It is also CPNI and Dipcog (MOD) approved to the same classification.

We have restrictions around who can handle our data. How can we be sure the people doing the work would be appropriately vetted? All staff completing the work are as a minimum UK Govt SC (Security Cleared) & Non Police Personnel Vetted to Level 3 (NPPV3) with many of the crews DV cleared (Developed Vetting) which includes extensive financial and background checks. 

How can I be sure that the Disks or other media has been destroyed prior to leaving my location? After a very short Health & Safety briefing you are welcome to witness the destruction process on one of our selfcontained and purpose built destruction vehicles.

What certificates and reports would I receive to confirm the data has been destroyed? Upon completion of the work a full serialised destruction report will be provided detailing the device type, serial number (where applicable) and method of destruction/Sanitisation (20mm Shred/6mm Shred/3 Pass Erasure etc.) A certificate of job completion/destruction is issued with the customer name and job number (cross referenced to the Serialised Destruction Report) confirming the work was completed in accordance with HMG IAS5.

How long does it take once I approve the quote and confirm we want to go ahead with the work?   We aim to get the date booked in within 10 working days of receipt of your purchase order. Often it can be much quicker, however please note some more remote locations may have an extended lead time.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding this service, please send us a message a specialist will be with you shortly.

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