Polaroid 3D Printing

Polaroid 3D printing

Polaroid 3D printerIn 2012 the Department for Education ran a study to see whether or not a 3D printer would be beneficial in the classroom as a teaching aid. The general consensus was that the pupils were inspired and motivated by the use of the printer. Many teachers were passionate about the possibilities and would actively explore new ways to teach their subject incorporating the 3D printer. However, there were some issues faced, including difficulty of use, lack of technological support and requirement of extensive training to use.Polaroid Specification sheet

Polaroid drew from this when designing their revolutionary new 3D printer and the result is the ModelSmart 250s. The unique plug-and-play technology makes printing with Polaroid as easy as regular printing. All enclosed with an automatic pause setting in the event that the door is opened means that the Polaroid ModelSmart 250S is completely safe for use in classrooms.

The software, Polaroid Prep, makes it easy as just 3 clicks to print; alternatively there’s a choice of 12 simplified advanced settings to help refine detail and structure. Alongside this you are also provided with vital information before each print, such as length of time it will take and how much material you will need.

There is a choice of 9 different coloured PLA filament cartridges, with each cartridge containing a Smartchip mechanism which informs the printer of the correct temperature to use and how much filament is left on the cartridge for ease of use. There is also a wood filament (Similar to MDF) allowing you to create models in wood, making this a perfect solution for any classroom.

The ModelSmart 250S comes with a 12 month warranty and the option of extending that
warranty, with full support, for an extra 12 months.


See what can be achieved with a polaroid 3d printer

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