Cyber Security Training

Cyber security training

Training courses and workshops

Security Awareness Training

We offer an onside security awareness training for all employees and tailor made training for specific industries e.g. Education, Finance, Real estate and HR.

The course typically covers:

  • What cyber security means
  • Why is it important
  • Top risks facing organisations
  • Identifying threats
  • Understanding why humans are a key risk
  • Things to look out for
  • More

If you would like to find out more about this course send us a message and one of our  security specialists will be in touch shortly.

After seeing the recent press coverage of major cyber security and data breaches, the need to constantly review security within your companies network is apparent.

Cyber Vulnerability Review

Detailed technical security review – provides:

  • Risk report
  • Security architecture review
  • External vulnerability scan
  • Internal vulnerability scan -250 nodes
  • Firewall security assessment
  • Firewall security audit
  • Firewall vulnerability audit
  • Rule optimisation audit
  • security policy assessment
  • More

If you would like to find out more information, please send us a message and one of our specialists will be in contact shortly.

Your cyber security strategies and data protection strategies are not a matter just for the I.T department to focus on, as these decisions must be, at times, taken at boardroom level.

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Cyber-security news!

Did you think Cyber-attacks would slow down in 2017, think again!

ABTA also known as the Association of British Travel agent, was hacked by an external infiltrator who stole the private information of over 40,000 individuals. A possible 650 ABTA members may have also been effected. ABTA is the largest travel association and was hacked due to system vulnerability.

Recently, TalkTalk were fined £400,000 by the Information Commissioner, for a vulnerability that they may have been aware of for several years. The ICO reported that customers data was hacked “with ease". These crimes, in large, are not being carried out by sophisticated international criminals, but by several “bedroom coders", who may even be under the age of 21.

cyber security

In November, Tesco Bank, due to a similar data breach, had to pay out around £2.5 million, to 9,000 customers. This has lead to the bank suffering from both loss of profits and reputation damage, with some customers changing to different providers. Although the actual case of the breach has not been revealed, it is likely to have been caused by weak management processes and inaction from an employee.

Tesco Bank

These incidents are in the news headlines because they have affected large corporations with large client databases. However, these issues are not confined to large companies, as individuals and small to medium sized enterprises are also at risk. In addition, according to the Director of the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarter) Robert Hannigan, the issue is getting increasingly worse.

Cyber security in brief

  • 2016 – Ashley Madison – 37,000,000 people affected
  • 2015 – British Airways – 500,000 frequent flyer passenger details leaked
  • 2015 – Carphone Warehouse – 2,400,000 customers data hacked
  • 2006 – HP – 200,000 employee records stolen

All of these factors explain why we have partnered with Camtek CSI, who are experts in the field of cyber security and business resilience. We will be providing a range of different cyber security awareness workshops, to make sure that your business can spot threats before they become an issue.

Customer facing employees

We can offer a workshop tailored for employees who are constantly receiving communication from outside sources, which may contain threats.

Boardroom level personnel

Decisions regarding cyber security have a major impact on the organisation, and this is why we offer bespoke training to boardroom level individuals on the measures which can be taken to limit the risk to cyber threats.

We are delighted to be able to offer these workshops either in house at your offices, or at an external location. Please consider the safety of your company, and the customer data which you hold, and take action immediately to reduce the risk of costly damage to your company and your companies reputation. To find out more about our cyber security training, please visit our partner, Camtek CSI

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