Audio Visual Installation

Datapact audio visual installations

Here at Datapact, we can help you install bespoke Audio Visual Equipment for your company, or we can also give you expert advice on the best Audio Visual equipment to suit your needs.

We can provide you with the required specification of Audio visual equipment, for a cost which will suit your budget.

We can also help to maintain this equipment at regular intervals.

After we have installed your Audio Visual Equipment, our experts can be on hand to educate your employees in how to get the most out of the devices, to ensure that your return on investment is maximized.

In brief, we can…

  • Install Plasma TV’s, both wall-mounted and free standing

  • Install wireless presentation systems

  • Install projectors, ceiling mounted or free standing

  • Install interactive whiteboards

  • Install wireless or wired speaker systems

  • Training to groups or individuals on how to get the most out of the Audio Visual Equipment

  • Cabling for Data, telephone and audio

We recently completed an Audio Visual installation for Coffey International, in Central London.
Here’s what we did…

Coffey International

Coffey International are an Australian based international development company, who, with Datapact’s assistance, recently relocated offices within Central London.

For Coffey International, we wall-mounted and installed four 42inch Samsung LED Smart televisions within various meeting rooms within the new offices. To each of these televisions, we installed wireless presentation systems.These were installed because Coffey intend to use these televisions to give presentations to clients and colleagues on their current projects, which is fundamental to their business growth.

In the main working area, where overall company meetings are held, we wall-mounted a 75inch Samsung Smart television, and once again fitted a wireless presentation system, so that any PC in the office could connect to the television without the need for wires. Coffey International use this screen to conduct weekly company meetings, keeping the employees up to date with the progress of the projects. Next to the Smart television, we installed a Logitech HD camera, so that Coffey representatives can host video conferences to partners around the globe.

As the main working area is a large space of approximately 900 sq. ft., we installed two wireless Samsung speakers towards the back of the room, to enable the whole company to be able to listen to the presentation, and any other media being played through the television.

In each of the smaller meeting rooms, we installed Polycom sound station conference phones, and in the main boardroom, we installed a Polycom CX5000, which is a conference phone equipped with a 360° degree camera, to enable the receiver to see all of the participants of conference call through one camera.

In the main meeting room, we installed a Promethean 55 ActivPanel Interactive whiteboard, to enable members of the team to collaborate on joint projects and to share information and ideas in an interactive manner.