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Why work with datapact

Why Datapact?

We are based in Holborn, Central London. This makes servicing our clients within the capital very straightforward, as we are never more than 30 minutes away.

When you switch to Datapact, we will take time to learn your business, and explore your current systems, so that in the event of any issues, we already know how it can be solved, ensuring that you are back up and running as quickly as possible.

By working with Datapact, you can ensure that your IT infrastructure is totally supported, resilient and reliable.

You will get no hard sell from Datapact, just honest and reliable advice and service.

A major advantage which we have over our competitors is that when you speak to Datapact, you will hear a voice who you know and trust, and who knows your business inside out.

We also pride ourselves on our relationship with Schools in London, as we provide IT support for a number of schools and colleges in London.

Small to Medium sized organisations

If you are part of an small to medium size business, then our scalable solutions can help you to grow your business at a pace that suits you, without staling your growth through large IT bills.
Our cloud solutions are made with you in mind, through solutions such as Office 365 and cloud hosted telephony, we can build an IT infrastructure that suits your business.
With monthly payments, so you know exactly where you stand each month, we can take the hardware and infrastructure away from your office, saving you space, keeping your business secure, and reducing your energy bills.
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Corporate clients

Since forming in 1990, we have had the pleasure in working with a multitude of large UK and global corportations, including CBRE, Rabobank and UPS.
Our flexible finance terms and next day delivery demonstrate that when you work with Datapact, you are partnering with reliable partner who will constantly meet your requirements.

Message from our Managing Director

‘When I formed Datapact in 1990, I did so with one clear intention, to use IT to help our clients grow. IT is a powerful tool, not because of the size of the operating systems or processors which modern computers possess, but because of the impact which IT can have on a enterprise.

Whether it be a school using the best technology to encourage students to interact and learn, or a financial trader using the fastest technology to clinch an important deal, the role of IT in a business can often be underestimated.

We have always worked closely with our clients, and will continue to do so, in order to ensure that we fully understand their needs, and by understanding how their business works, and what they need from a IT provider, we can ensure that we consistently exceed their targets.

As we move forward into 2017, these initial intentions are more important than ever, and by working with Datapact, you are working with a company who you can trust to put the growth and development of your business at the top of their agenda.’

Paul Yudt, Datapact (London) Ltd Managing Director

Range of Consumables

With next day delivery available on an extensive variety of products, you can have confidence that Datapact can supply your business with the necessary equipment to thrive. To discover whether we can accommodate for your requirements, please state, with as much detail as possible, your requests in this simple form, and we will be able to provide a full quotation within 24 working hours.