The Artloss Register – Journey to the cloud

Artloss Register

The Artloss Register overview

The Artloss Register (ALR) is an organisation that houses the world’s largest database of stolen art, antiques and collectables. Based in Hatton Garden, Central London, they have been established since 1990, and their service is used on an international scale.

In 2013, as the business continued to grow, ALR decided that in order to maximise their return on investment and available expertise, they would replace their internal I.T. manager and outsource their entire I.T. operation. For this, ALR decided that they required a partner who were well established, and who had expertise and knowledge in Cloud implementation, as this was a particular area in which they felt would benefit the company.

Why did they choose Datapact (London) Ltd?

ALR opted to employ Datapact, due to our level of expertise, and history of successfully migrating partners onto cloud systems. As their previous I.T. manager had been in place for an extended period, the system was highly complex, with several virtualised servers and VPN (Virtual Private Network) access points from both the companies head office in London, and in India.
The first stage which we undertook was to gain a thorough understanding of ALR’s system. This would prepare us moving forward, as we would save time when correcting system errors or maintenance by already having a strong comprehension of their network structure.

After performing the initial investigation into the system, we discovered that there were some improvements which could be made to the usage of their network, extending the predicted lifespan for a further three years with little upfront investment. These changes included upgrading the networks cooling system, to enhance performance and the life cycle of the equipment.

Moving the network forward

In 2016, ALR decided in order to move forward, that they needed to update this complex system into a more manageable cloud based solution. ALR consulted with Datapact, and together, we decided that the best way forward would be to base a new system on a fully redundant hosted and virtualised HPE ProLiant Gen9 server, comprising of Windows Server 2012 and Exchange 2016, with Remote Desktop Access from both their main ALR London Office and their offices in India.

Microsoft Office 365 was selected for this project, as it provided unparalleled flexibility, ease of use, security and manageability. As ALR is still a growing organisation, they were also impressed with the scalability which Office 365 could offer to the company. Another feature of Office 365 which was important in the decision making process was OneDrive for Business, which, by allowing employees to access their files via the Cloud, and let employees share documents easily, greatly improved ALR’s business flexibility.

For a Cloud backup solution, Datapact opted for the Mitol Perfect Backup solution, due to its daily automatic backup preference, incremental backups and the overall competitive price.
To ensure that ALR could carry on working throughout the migration and installations, a large majority of the work was carried out outside of ALR’s working hours, which minimised the downtime and kept ALR fully accessible for their clients around the globe.

Advantages of ALR’s Cloud solution

This new system has proven to be significantly more reliable, faster and easier to manage for ALR, which has enhanced the day to day activities, saving valuable time for each employee on their system. Through implementing Office 365 with OneDrive for Business, it has empowered some of ALR’s employees to work when out of the office, either at home or when on the road visiting clients, improving business productivity and flexibility. They have also made large savings through having less onsite hardware, dramatically reducing the company’s energy bills. Finally, ALR have ensured that all of their data is securely backed up remotely, reducing the risk of data loss.

In the medium to long term future, Datapact will be able to conduct more I.T support and maintenance remotely, saving both companies time and money.

For more information regarding the work which Datapact (London) Ltd carried out for The Artloss Register, please get in touch with our team, or leave your details below for a member of our team to contact you at a mutually convenient time.