Reduce your server admin by 90%

HPE ProLiant EC200a

Focus on your business, not on IT. 

HPE ProLiant EC200a Managed Hybrid Server

Get simple, scalable hybrid IT with a managed services model for ease of ownership and budget predictability.

Your cloud, your way

Adopting some cloud services is a smart move that allows you to support your mobile workforce, scale IT resources on demand, reduce capital expenditures for new equipment, and simple respond better and faster to changing business requirements.

But security and privacy concerns, along with increased management complexity, may have you thinking twice about making the leap to the cloud. The HPE ProLiant EC200a Managed Hybrid Server helps you accelerate your path to the cloud with confidence, by combining the flexibility and scalability of the cloud with the security and control of on-premises IT.

Cloud convenience, built with your needs in mind

The unique server design of the HPE ProLiant EC200a features tightly integrated compute, storage, and networking, together with Zynstra virtualisation and cloud management software and is delivered as a managed service.

It is deployed onsite and comes pre-integrated with cloud services and remote management from the cloud. Designed with the needs of small to midsized businesses (SMBs) in mind, this solution features simple deployment and ease of management—all with a convenient subscription model for a predictable monthly fee.

Enterprise-grade IT for one or more offices

The HPE ProLiant EC200a Managed Hybrid Server, together with Zynstra’s unique virtualization and cloud management software, delivers enterprise-class functionality for one or more offices.

Hybrid IT: The best of both worlds

This solution gives you secure cloud enablement on your own terms. You choose which data and applications you keep onsite and which you put in the cloud. We take care of the rest.

IT-as-a-Service payment model

A pay-as-you-go subscription model means you pay a predictable monthly fee, giving you greater budget flexibility. And your on-premises hybrid IT is kept current and maintained 24×7—no more manual patching or updates for you. This helps reduce server admin by more than 90 percent.

Simple deployment

The HPE ProLiant EC200a comes in a unique design, unlike any server you’ve ever seen—it can even be mounted on your wall. The flexibility of the form factor reduces your hardware footprint and the complexity of on-premises IT.

What’s more, your entire core IT is pre-staged on the server before it arrives so it’s easy to buy, use, and manage. The pre-staged hardware, software, and services can help you achieve total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of up to 60 percent compared to a traditional IT server infrastructure