Keeping your data safe in the cloud.


When it comes to adoption of the cloud, many IT professionals are reluctant to embrace technology that they cannot see, have little control over and have little knowledge. So let’s discuss some of the key points relating to the Cloud.

First, let’s look at how the Cloud keeps your data secure. The Cloud uses encryption methods, utilising complex algorithms to seal protected information. Does this make the data you have in the cloud un hackable I hear you ask? No, it doesn’t, but it would require a huge amount of computer processing power, forensic software and an awful lot of time. The services generally utilise much more complex security methods than the average computer is able to devise, making your data, in the most part, safer in the cloud than it would be within your local storage.

There are simple ways that you can keep your cloud safe, primarily through using a safe password. Not sure how to create a safe password? Avoid using the same password through a number of different sites, add letters, numbers and symbols, and NEVER use personal information, such as your address, dogs name or your favourite football team.

Does this mean cloud storage is truly reliable? The pure fact that your data is in the hands of a third party system does leave an element of vulnerability. Henceforth, the choosing your Cloud provider is a crucial decision when looking to move your data to the cloud.

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